How to Send Money Transfers with MoneyPolo World

This guide intends to provide you will find a simple, step-by-step process for sending your first money transfer with MoneyPolo. To get started, please go to

Directly after you open the page, you will be able to send a money transfer. But, first of all, you need to select a destination forof your money transfer. Currently, we have possibilities for you to send money transfers to any of the following countries: Territory of Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, all EU countries (by loading EUR bank account), Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia, Nepal, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

As soon as you have selected a destination, the website will give you an option to select the currency, amount, and the method your transfer will be received. At the same time, a commission rate will be displayed, so you will be able to choose the method that suits you best.

When your preferred method is chosen, click the ‘continue’ button. Depending on the chosen method, you will fill in the recipient's details. That could be entering their bank up credentials, choosing the branch for cash transfer pick up, or entering, of his payment card details. In this case, the ‘Cash in branch’ method has been selected, so the website automatically provides you with the relevant fields to fill in. After you enter all the necessary information, please continue to the next section.

Next, we will ask you to confirm all the recipient's data. Please check it thoroughly before sending a transfer. Once you confirm, you can proceed with choosing a payment method.

Choose your preferred payment method and then confirm the amount you are going to pay for the transfer. Make sure that you have reviewed the ‘Terms of Business’ and ‘Privacy Policy’, and then tick the ‘I agree’ button to continue with the creation of your payment order.

As soon as you confirm your transfer, you will be redirected to the login page on the Moneypolo World website. Once there, simplyyou should create a new account to continue with your money transfer. To do this, click ‘Sign up an account’.

You will be able to sign in using your Facebook or Google account. If you would like to use an alternative email address to sign up with, simply click the ‘sign up’ button.

Complete the form provided below to register your account.

The following window will appear to confirm your successful registration.

Now, you need to check your email inbox. MoneyPolo World will send an email to verify your email address and to provide you with a link to create your new password.

The next step is to create your new password which should correspond with the defined requirements. Confirm your password and continue by clicking on ‘Change’.

When the password setup is completed, you’ll be redirected to the website, where you will be able to see your pending payment orders, including the one you created prior to registration.

The last step before you send your money transfer is to provide us with your ID documents, which you can upload in the ‘Continue - Verify My Account’ section.

Once you’re on the page, follow the simple upload instructions. Additionally, you will have the chance to review the requirements for ID proof which are provided on the webpage. As soon as all requirements are met, upload a photo or a scan of your ID documents. Afterwards, you will see your uploaded file, and fields below to fill inthem up. Usually, those fields are filled in automatically. In case if some of them are not filled in, please complete the form manually.

Click the ‘Verify Identity’ button and the documents will be sent to us for review. The website will confirm your successful ID document upload.

At the same time, you can continue with your payment order. Once the transfer is in our system, we will check your ID, and instantly send your transfer to the receiver.

Now, in order to continue with your payment order, click the ‘Pay’ button.

You will be redirected to the payment page, depending on type of the payment you have chosen. In this case the payment is being made via bank transfer, so the page will contain the bank account details of where the payment should be sent. If you have chosen the ‘Card Payment’ method, you will be redirected to the page where you would perform a card transaction.

When the payment is done and has gone through our system, you will receive an email notification regarding the successful processing of your payment. That means that we have received your transfer and we will promptly send it to the indicated details of the recipient.

In the event that case the transfer has been made, but the payment has not been processed for a while, use the ‘I have paid’ button, which will redirect you to the page where you will provide the details of your transfer. Our team We will find your transaction, be it card transaction or wire transfer.

When the payment has been sent to the receiver, we will let you know by email immediately. If the receiver is to receive their payment via bank transfer or card loading, you need take no further action, except to ask the receiver to check their bank account/card. Otherwise, if you are sending the payment via cash transfer, the email will contain a specific transfer number which should be presented together with the recipient ID on collection. Additionally, this number will also be provided on our website.

In order to check and confirm your successful transfer, you can access the MoneyPolo Website and check your completed payments. Completed transfers will appear in the ‘history’ section of your account:

For any further questions related to using of MoneyPolo World, please don't hesitate to leave us a query at or in our live chat on our website. Happy money tranfers!